Obama ladies night event – join 1000+ women to help

Calling all women and friends of women who care about the quality of our future.

On June 7th at the Showbox SODO, please join me and invite others to join at least 999 other women at the Seattle Women for Obama Ladies Night out. We are hoping to get at least 1,000 women to attend this fund/friend/people raiser.

This is a very different model from other events in that we aren’t asking you to make a big upfront contribution – but are asking you to both reach out to your network AND bring your check books/credit cards.  It should be amazingly fun and inspiring!

Early registration is open for this now (register here) – so be sure to do that to ensure your spot in this historic Seattle event (we haven’t done this kind of thing before here at this scale).  If you can’t make it, still share with your network and, please make a donation for this “Seattle Women for Obama” event in order to show the support for women and the administration’s amazing support of women (and that we won’t stand for the other side’s policies against women).  It’d be great if you could email me if you do make that contribution so that I can track it and help apply it to future events (again – only if you can’t make this one on June 7th).

Please please please share this out broadly with your networks! We want to really blow it out and show those in the other Washington and in Chicago what we can do up here in the Pacific Northwest when we come together!

Some key women’s accomplishments from the administration:

  • Overall: Women have gained more w/Obama and stand to lose more w/Romney than most other groups
  • Lilly Ledbetter: equal pay for equal work was the first legislation Obama signed
  • Planned Parenthood & Woman’s right to choose:  Obama  protected it throughout his term & even fought 11th hour budget cuts in the debt ceiling debate
  • Affordable Care Act: Being a woman is no longer a pre-existing condition
  • LGBT: Eliminated DADT and made it okay to love and serve your country AND love whomever you want
  • EPA & Maternal health: The new EPA standards established against the poor fracking processes and the efforts to take Mercury and other air toxic solutions out of power plants were made with women and maternal health in mind.  (Here’s the press release on the new standards.)

Thank you so much for what you are and will do for this election,

Suzi LeVine

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