Help Bob Ferguson Today

From Bob Ferguson:

Dear Friend,

If you watch TV, you know an out-of-state PAC founded by Karl Rove is spending millions of dollars trying to buy the Attorney General’s Office with misleading attack ads criticizing work I did as a summer intern in law school.

We have a response ad on the air, but I need your help as well.

In addition to voting for me and contributing to my Emergency Response Fund, there are three ways you can help me combat this out-of-state group and the special interests funding their disgraceful ad.

1)   Sign this petition calling on my opponent to renounce these misleading ads.

2)   “Like” this Facebook page: “Don’t Let Karl Rove Buy the Office of Attorney General.”

3)   Send a short note to your friends and family by email or Facebook. Feel free to use any or all of these five message points.

Thank you for your help and support. Together we will beat Karl Rove and his out-of-state special interests.


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