Restructuring Renton Service for RapidRide F

While Metro won’t be making any changes in north-central Seattle with the opening of RapidRide E next September, the agency is proposing some minor changes to the bus network in Renton with the concurrent opening of RapidRide F. The F Line will replace Route 140, boosting peak headways to ten minutes, and extending frequent service into the evening and weekend; Metro is also seeking funding for an extension of the F Line to The Landing, an urban village development a couple of miles north from the 140′s eastern terminus at Renton Transit Center.

The are five routes near the 140 alignment which Metro proposes to modify or delete:

  • Deleting Route 110. This seems to be a Sounder-Boeing commuter shuttle with very modest ridership numbers, which duplicates the 140 for much of its length, and is within a quarter to a third of a mile of the Landing extension for almost all the rest of its length.
  • Deleting underperforming DART route 908, replacing most of its fixed route with minor changes to DART 909 and Route 105.
  • Converting the little-used hourly Route 155 to a DART route.

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