Fellow Democrats: First, I’d like to thank KCDCC 2nd Vice Chair Andrew Villaneuve for alerting us!!It has been reported that the King County Republicans are offering to collect and return voters’ ballots this GOTV weekend (and in the final 48 hours prior to the 8 PM deadline for returning ballots on Election Day).

Please spread the word in your PCO’S any other Democratic groups you belong to that voters should refrain from giving their ballots to Republican organizers are promising to turn them in.However, King County Elections advises that ballots should be taken directly to drop boxes (list here: or taken to a post office and securely placed in the U.S. Mail.

KCDCC or other party advisors will inform us on any updates.However, King County Elections was concerned enough about this to put out a statement. Please spread the word: Ballots should be returned directly to KC Elections through drop boxes or the mail. Ballots should not be given to strangers who promise to turn them in.

thanks, Marvin Rosete KCDCC Treasurer

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