Meet our new executive team!

2013 Executive Board

On 1/15/2013, the 11th LD Democrats just had its reorganization election.  The following people are your new leaders:

  • Holly Krejci, Chair
  • Robert Kangas, Vice Chair & Webmaster
  • Jerri Wood, Secretary
  • Rick Polintan, Treasurer
  • Marvin Rosete, WSDCC Male Representative
  • Kate Kruller, WSDCC Female Representative
  • Kathy Nyland, KCDCC Female Representative
  • Michael Neher, KCDCC Male Representative
  • Irene Simpson, KCDCC Female Alternate Representative
  • Bill Taylor, KCDCC Male Alternate Representative & Newsletter Editor

Contact info can be found here:

We hope to have a great 2013 with you!

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