Proposed bylaws changes for the 3/19/2013 general meeting

Hey PCOs of the 11th LD, we are proposing a couple of bylaws changes for the general meeting on Tuesday, March 19th.  Please review the document in the link below:

Proposed bylaws changes 03072013

At a high level, what are we proposing changing?

  • Endorsements: We would like to be able to endorse in non-partisan races (think King County Council / Executive races).  We need a modification in order to allow for us to do this.  
  • Endorsements: A modification to state that we cannot endorse before the end of the filing period for candidates that we haven’t endorsed before in that race.  This is a fairness issue, we should know who all the candidates are before we endorse.
  • Meeting notices: Reducing the requirement that the meeting notice goes out no later than seven days before the general meeting.  It used to be 10 days, but there are several months throughout the year where there’s not enough time to edit the newsletter & send it out before the meeting (some months only has 11 days between the e-board meeting and the general meeting).

If you have any comments, please email and and we’ll look at your feedback.  And… if you have feedback, please give it BEFORE the next meeting.  Thanks.


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