Time to Become a PCO!

Now is the moment to get involved and become a PCO! A Precinct Committee Officer (“PCO”) is the most grassroots elected office in our state. It is the office in charge of educating and organizing neighborhoods and local communities.

There are many benefits to becoming a PCO, including automatic membership in your Party, social recognition, and increased access to other elected officials. But becoming a PCO is what you make of it – you can be as active and take advantage of as many opportunities as you like!

The one big, unavoidable duty is when there is a vacancy in the State Legislature for your district. If your State Representative or State Senator resigns or dies in office, you will be tasked with choosing their replacement. It’s a solemn and important duty and one that will place you at the heart of policy-making in Olympia.

If you have ever wanted to find a way to make a difference, this is your chance! As long as you are a registered voter in the district, over the age of 18 at the time of filing, you can effect change in your community today by becoming a PCO!

So You Want to be a PCO?

We’ve got the guide for you!

Maybe you don’t want to be a PCO, but you know somebody who would be great at it? Share this post on social media, email them the PDF, or download the image (PNG). Let’s make sure that the 11th is well-represented when it comes time to count PCOs.

Check back to kingcounty.gov/depts/elections/for-candidates.aspx between May 11 and 15 to formally register. If you have any questions about becoming a PCO, be sure to contact us.