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Mobile web site

For the time being, I’ve disabled the mobile-friendly version of our website.  Why?  Another website I maintain was hacked through the plugin that detects mobile browsers.  Until I’m satisified that the plugin in safe (or I find another one), I’m going to leave it disabled for now.  Sorry about any inconvenience that might cause.

Website is online

The website is back online.  I’ve made some slight changes to the layout and I’ll have to recategorize posts that didn’t transfer their posts together.  We are now hosted on Dreamhost!  http://dreamhost.com/

Upcoming website outage

The website will most-likely be unavailable most of this weekend.  I’m going to be transferring over our hosting from GoDaddy to Dreamhost.  Expect outages on the website and the @11thlddems.org email addresses will likely have issues too.  I’ll send out an all-clear when things are back to normal.


Hi all, I just wanted to let you know that the site has undergone a minor overhaul to the component that handles event postings on the site.  The new version of the events plugin won’t cross-post events to the main blog page (you’ll only see events if you click on our events list on the …

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Events list upgrade

I just updated a component of our website (good), but the update process flushed our list of events out of the calendar (bad), but I imported our old events (good).  If you notice anything missing, feel free to contact me:  webmaster@11thlddems.org.