Sick Leave – Industry Lobbies Are Trying Four Tactics to Undermine a Bill Designed to Help Seattle Workers

From the Slog:

On Monday, September 12, the Seattle City Council is slated to vote on legislation that would require all Seattle employers to offer up to 72 hours of annual paid sick leave to the 190,000 full-time workers in the city who currently lack that benefit. Not only useful when they’re ill, a worker could use the paid days off to care for a family member or deal with domestic violence, sexual assault, or stalking.

…  Taking advantage of the council’s trepidation, lobbies for downtown businesses, large employers, and the hospitality industry are putting the screws on. With days left before the vote, city hall sources tell The Stranger that lobbies are shopping around various amendments that would weaken the bill.

The full article is here:  The Stranger Blog

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