Larry Grubb

It is with great sadness that I’m announcing the death of Larry Grubb.  Kate Kruller said some wonderful stuff about him earlier, so I’ll just leave you with that:

Larry has been such an energizer for so many good things we’ve experienced together at the 11th LD,  Mick Kelly’s, our annual picnics (including holding the park picnic area for hours when they wouldn’t let us reserve it), large Obama/congressional delegation events, small PCO meetings, county and state conventions. nearly every parade, and certainly every booth we ever had at community events.  I swear he’s got pictures of everything we did/he did and he has pictures of himself with every important person I can think of in our city/region/state/country.

He’s a true union guy.  The bluest of Democrats.  Always up for getting democrats, voters and the community out and active.  He’s always coming up with ideas to do more. He thrives when people get together and are happy.

Larry stands by his mother and brother – always.  He loves the great outdoors; loves to fish. He loves all animals – but especially dogs.  Just this August he handled my puppy Tukker, while I gave a short speech at a Teamsters candidate event, and Larry is so good with animals Tukker was ready to go home with him.

Larry loves good music.  He loves the musician community and they love him back.  He always works to gather friends together and has a LOT of friends to get together with for a fun time. Everyone knows Larry Grubb – and associates him with the best of times.

Whatever the timing, I hope he is allowed to cross to the other shore peacefully…  and then I hope they strike up the music and fun when he arrives!  He so richly deserves that. For certain, we will be very much the less; having lost the life of the party back here…

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