Bezos Family Funds Four PACs in Charter Schools Shell Game

At first it was a bit remarkable to see four separate charter school PACs—Stand for Children WA PAC, Democrats for Education Reform WA PAC, Revising the Status Quo PAC, and Education Voters Political Action Fund—all spending money in a handful of Seattle area legislative primaries. Remarkable, that is, until I peeked behind the PDC curtain and pretty much found one PAC masquerading as four.

Stand for Children, the best financed of the three, has raised $163,800 from just 17 contributors, with almost half its money coming from Jeff Bezos’ dad. Education Voters has raised $75,190 from just four contributors, almost all of it coming from Bezos’ parents. Democrats for Education Reform comes off as only slightly more democratic, raising $55,450 from 20 contributors, including $15,000 from Bezos’ parents. And Revising the Status Quo has raised $8,915 from 21 contributors, $6,000 of which came from Stand and Democrats for Education Reform.

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