11th LD Dems – Blue Wave Beach Party ☀️ and Spaghetti Dinner with Silent Auction 

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11th LD Democrats Primary Endorsements 5/19/2018

The 11th LD Democrats just made our endorsements for the primary election. We’ve endorsed the following candidates. Thanks to everyone for participating… and if you didn’t make it, please stay involved. We need everyone on board to turn the country blue again.


* Representative, Congressional District 7
** Pramila Jayapal
* Representative, Congressional District 8
** Shannon Hader
* Representative, Congressional District 9
**Adam Smith

Washington State
* Representative, LD 11
** Zack Hudgins
** Steve Bergquist
* Supreme Court, Position 2
** Susan Owens
* Supreme Court, Position 8
** Steve Gonzalez
* Supreme Court, Position 9
** Sheryl Gordon McCloud
* Court of Appeals, Division 1, Position 4
** Beth Andrus

Local Judges
* King County District Court
** Jason Poydras, Southeast Division, Position 1
** Matthew York, Southeast Division, Position 2
** Rhonda Laumann, Southeast Division, Position 6
** Laurel Gibson, Southwest Division, Position 3
** Lisa A. Paglisotti, West Div, Position 1
** Anne C Harper, West Division Position 5
* King County Superior Court
** Karen Donahue, Position 22
* Seattle Municipal Court
** Ed McKenna, Position 1
** Andrea Chin, Position 2
** Adam Eisenberg, Position 3
** Anita Crawford-Willis, Position 4
** WIllie Gregory, Position 5
** Faye R. Chess, Position 6

11th LD Dems – Reminder about Endorsements and PCO Filing Week

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11th LD Dems endorsements meeting (5/19/2019)

Our primary endorsements meeting is on Saturday, May 19th at 11am at Renton Carpenter’s Hall.

231 Burnett Ave N
Renton WA 98057

The proposed endorsements agenda is as follows:

pot-luck BBQ / social hour: 11am-12pm
* endorsements: 12pm-2:30pm

Endorsements order:
* US House of Representatives
** CD 9
** CD 8
** CD 7
* US Senate
* State House
** LD 11 Position 1
** LD 11 Position 2
* State Supreme Court Position 2
* State Supreme Court Position 8
* State Supreme Court Position 9
* State Appeals Court, Division 1, Position 4
* Judges – County and Municipal
** King County District Court, West Division, Position 1
** King County District Court, West Division, Position 5
** King County District Court, Southeast Division, Position 1
** King County District Court, Southeast Division, Position 2
** King County District Court, Southeast Division, Position 6
** King County District Court, Southwest Division, Position 3
** King County Superior Court, Position 22
** Seattle Municipal Court, Position 1
** Seattle Municipal Court, Position 2
** Seattle Municipal Court, Position 3
** Seattle Municipal Court, Position 4
** Seattle Municipal Court, Position 5
** Seattle Municipal Court, Position 6

For an up-to-date list of candidates, please visit our event page: https://www.facebook.com/events/235736493673984

To view the submitted candidate questionnaires (to King County Democrats), go here: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1-_dwja8KCecO6ZsMlELD_0eUrOQQZ_mC


11th LD Monthly Newsletter – May 2018

Our new newsletter has is out. Please check it out! Check it out.

File for PCO (5/14-5/18/2018)

Candidate filing week this year is May 14 -18.  Currently there are 94 offices subject to election, including a U.S. senate seat, U.S. representatives, state senators and representatives, Prosecuting Attorney, and various judicial positions. We anticipate close to 300 candidates will file for these offices.
Precinct Committee Officer (PCO) positions are also up for election this year, and we project we’ll receive approximately 2,000 PCO filings in addition to the candidates for the aforementioned offices. As always, we anticipate the majority of candidates will file online and we have created brief video tutorials on how to use the online filing systems.  Our office will be updating the list of who has filed at least twice a day during filing week, by 12 noon and by 6 p.m. The final list of candidates in ballot order will be posted on Tuesday, May 22, after the deadline for candidates to withdraw has passed.”

You can file for PCO here: https://www.kingcounty.gov/depts/elections/for-candidates/online-pco-filing.aspx

Online PCO filing is available 24 hours a day starting May 14, 2018, at 9 a.m. and ending on May 18, 2018, at 4 p.m.

For campaigns and candidates seeking our endorsement

If you’re a candidate or with a campaign that’d like the 11th LD Democrats to consider you for endorsement, please fill out this simple form:
We’ll get you into our tracking system, and provided you meet our requirements, we’ll be happy to consider you for endorsements at our upcoming endorsement meeting on May 19th!

Updated endorsement rules

Our updated endorsement rules for 2018 are now up.  You can find them here:


Our endorsement meeting is tentatively scheduled for May 19th, 2018.

Membership sign up form

The 11th LD Democrats just passed a bylaws change to eliminate fees to become a member. Please fill out the following form (all of you who live in the district need to fill this out), since we want to make sure all of you can vote on endorsements in the coming months.  You can fill it out directly here or use the following link: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSckDl4U_RViS8SrWs8YI7vtTg875MjXRMq3ZEfZJEJES2mvWQ/viewform

11th Legislative District 2018 Caucus

The 11th Legislative District Caucus shall be held on Saturday, March 24, 2018 commencing at 10:00 am PST, at Carpenter’s Local Labor Union, 231 Burnett Ave N Renton WA, 98057.

Carpenter’s Local location on Google Maps

Facebook event link with additional details

The WA State Democratic Party revisits and updates the statewide party platform every two years. In years without a Presidential election, this is the focus of their work and the convention cycle is how to determine what edits to make to the platform, pass resolutions, and ratify the final document at the State Convention. The 11th LD is using State party platform, which is located here.

The Legislative District Caucuses are held to elect the State Convention delegates and alternates. At the State Convention, elected and automatic delegates are the voting body of the party for the duration of the meeting.

The Caucus will be open starting at 10:00 am for checking people in, allowing people to have the time to read the materials available, and discussing topics with other attendees. The Caucus will commence at 11:00 am. We will adjourn at 3:00pm – if not earlier – provided that delegate elections have been completed.
To vote at the Legislative District Caucus an individual must be a resident, registered voter in the 11th Legislative District and affirm that they are a Democrat by signing on the registration sheet, and agree to public record of their attendance at the meeting.
Registered voters include all registered voters and any 17 year old who will be eligible to vote on or before November 6, 2018. Registered voters also include any eligible individual who completes a voter registration form while signing in to attend the Legislative District Caucus. Forms will be available in several languages.
If you are elected as a delegate/alternate and accept, you are expected to attend the Washington State Convention in Wenatchee, Fri-Sat June 15-16th.

You can pre-register for the Caucus here.

The Carpenter’s Local is a single-story building, with no stairs to navigate. There are smallish accessibility stalls in the restrooms. The restrooms will be gender neutral. There is free parking in the lot, as well as street parking available. This is a fragrance and scent free event to the best of our ability – if you are attending please avoid applying scented perfume/cologne/lotion before or during the Caucus.

Bussing: The F Line has a stop on Logan Ave & N 3rd St, which is about a block away.
The 167, 240 and 342 stop on Park Ave N & N 3rd St which is about 7 blocks away.
Carpenter’s Local has a parking lot with free parking. Additional street parking is available and free.

If you require additional accommodations or have concerns, please reach out to 11thldboard@googlegroups.com, Attn: Kasey.

We do request a small donation to help defray the expenses of location rental, copies of documents, and other supplies at the door. Payment of this fee shall not be a condition of participation or election as a delegate or alternate.

Newsletter sign-up

If you haven’t subscribed to our newsletter yet, you can sign up here: http://eepurl.com/dnemrH


Robin Guevarra has passed away

It is with great sadness that we are relaying the news that Robin Guevarra has passed away.  She passed away on Monday.  Robin was a long-term member of this district. I joined up about 9 years ago and she was a very active member of the district for a long time. She, and her husband, John were some of my favorite people in the district.  Robin was always wonderful to talk to and she always had great questions for our presenters and candidates.  She’ll be missed.

-Robert Kangas


In Loving Memory

Robin Guevarra

September 20, 1940 – June 19, 2017

June 24, 2017

12:00 Noon, Pigott Chapel

Providence Mount St. Vincent

Seattle, Washington



The Life of Robin Guevarra


Robin was born in Chewelah WA. September 22, 1940

Daughter to Mayton and Virginia Rollis

She was raised in Spokane the middle child along with her 2 sisters Judy-the athlete, Robin- the artist and Patricia (patty) -the musician. After graduation Robin and Pat moved to Seattle with Mom and dad not far behind.

Robin and john met and married in 1963. For john it was love at first sight.  A full time wife & Mother of 3 she was very active and successful in her church and her community services. She loved her Thursday bible studies. She was on the School traffic safety committee, the south park crime prevention program, a strong political participant for the Democratic Party. And so much in between .Everyone that knew her understood that she was quite simply the “sweetheart” that John recognized her to be the day they met.

She was an avid Seamstress that loved to play cards. Her mother and sisters were her best friends that she cherished every single day

Robin is survived by Her Husband John and their three children Greg, Susan & Roxane.  She is loved by her five grandchildren Taylor, Josh, Mathew, Lilly and Ashur.

11th LD endorsements (6/20/2017)

The 11th LD Democrats issued the following endorsements on June 20th, 2017.

  • Judges
    • WA Appeals Court – David Mann (Dst.#1, Pos.#5) (endorsed)
  • King County
    • Executive – Dow Constantine (endorsed, unanimous)
    • Sheriff  – John Urquhart (endorsed)
    • Council
      • Dave Upthegrove (Pos.#5) (endorsed, unanimous)
      • Denice Carnahan (Pos.#9) (endorsed)
    • Port Commission
      • John Persak (Pos.#4) (endorsed)
      • Preeti Shridhar (Pos.#4) (endorsed)
  •  Seattle
    • Mayor – Bob Hasegawa (endorsed)
    • Council – Teresa Mosqueda (Pos.#8) (endorsed, sole)
    • Attorney – Pete Holmes (endorsed)
  • Renton
    • Council – Jamian L Smith (Pos.#6) (endorsed)
  • Tukwila
    • Council
      • Thomas McLeod (Pos.#3) (endorsed)
      • Zak Idan (Pos.#5) (endorsed)
      • De’Sean Quinn (Pos.#7) (endorsed)
  • Initiatives
    • 912 (endorsed)





State Committee Report – April 2017

WSDCC April Meeting

By Kate Kruller
April 22, 2017


The Washington State Democratic Central Committee met in Walla Walla for the April 2017 meeting.

As you may recall, this year I was reappointed to the Rules Committee.  As of the last meeting, the state committee relegated this committee with the additional duties of reviewing any WSDCC Charter or By Laws amendments before they are placed before the General Assembly Membership Meeting body for considerations.   These are only recommendations to the body from the perspective of whether what is proposed is not in conflict with the DNC or other language contained in the respective document, is what the author intended, is appropriate for the document (not better suited for something else, such as special rules) and makes sense at the state level.

We considered three WSDCC Charter amendments.  The first idea was to add language Article I Section C: “Show Up, Elect Democrats and Build Community.”  Although the spirit was in the right place, the committee voted to recommend a no-pass position, because the section of the charter is a critical document of limited language.  The author was encouraged to work through educational/communications teams at the WSDCC to formulate a narrative/messaging along the same lines.

The second item arrived in a condition of language that even the author did not intend.  It proposed enlarging the WSDCC Executive Committee by electing two congressional district chairs – one male; one female – and placing them on the Executive Committee with a half-vote each.  The committee voted to recommend a no-pass, due to the fact that the concept had not been well vetted by the author, complications from logistics of facilitating a binary-vote process and the fact that the Executive Committee has no real power.  It is primarily an advisory committee to the Executive Board.  There were also concerns about the complexities of nearly doubling the size of the committee and that may render the committee too large to function with any semblance of efficiency.

The third item concerned renaming the Affirmative Action Committee.  There were multiple motions to capture the name change at the Rules Committee, but there were conflicting reports on whether there was consensus from that committee on what the final name should be.  This was tabled until the next meeting of the WSDCC.

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Votebuilder questions and access

If you’re a PCO and you want to get access to votebuilder or you simply have a question, you can now email votebuilder@11thlddems.org. Thanks.