11th LD General Meeting Agenda (4/19/2016)

11th Legislative District Democrats
Membership Meeting
Carpenters’ Union Hall
231 Burnett Ave N,
Renton, WA 98057
Tuesday, April 19, 2016
7:00 – 9:00 PM
  1.        Pledge of allegiance
  2.        Approval of meeting agenda
  3.        Approval of March 15, 2016 meeting minutes
  4.        Candidate speakers:
              i.      Candidates for Office of 
                       Superintendent of Public Instruction:
Robin Fleming is currently the Health Services Program Administrator and is a candidate for the OSPI.  She holds a doctorate degree.
Erin Jones, the adopted daughter of two educators, grew up in The Netherlands.  She was selected as a Milken Educator of the year for Washington state while teaching at Rogers High School in Spokane in 2007.   She speaks 4 languages: Dutch, French, English and Spanish.
Larry Seaquist has discussed the McCleary requirements and mentioned that the state legislature is not funding schools.  He claimed that the State House of Representatives passed an unconstitutional bill.  He would stop  State and Federal testing. He mentioned that schools are more segregated.
              ii.      Candidates for Lt. Governor
Karen Fraser (D)

– State Sen., Ex-State Rep., Ex-Thurston County

                             Commissioner & Ex-Lacey Mayor

Cyrus Habib (D) – State Sen. & Attorney

Jim Moeller (D) – State House Speaker Pro Tempore &
                            Ex-Vancouver City Councilor

Javier Figueroa 


– University Place City Councilor,

                                  Businessman & Vietnam War Veteran.
5.        Discussion of Precinct & LD caucuses experience.
6.       Vote for early endorsement of:
a.  Senator Patty Murray
b.  Congressman Adam Smith
c.  Senator Bob Hasegaw
d.  Rep. Zack Hudgins
e.  Rep.  Steve Bergquist
7.        Approval of endorsement rules.
              (Endorsement meeting June 21, 2016)
8.        Discussion of Precinct & Legislative Caucuses
9.        South King County Dinner
10.      Renton River Days
11.      LAC report
12.      KCDCC report
13.      Adjourn

LD Caucus (4/17/2016 @ 1pm), Rules and Credentials meetings

The caucus itself will begin at 1pm at the IAM District 751 Union Hall, 9135 – 15th Pl So, Seattle.
Before the meeting, we will have a meeting of the rules and credentials committees starting at 12pm. If you want to show up, the meeting is open to the public. We will again go over the rules and credentials report after the commencement of the caucus at 1pm.

LD Caucus (4/17/2016, 1pm) proposed rules and agenda

For tomorrow’s caucus at the IAM Hall in South Park, here are the proposed rules and agenda:



11th LD Caucus meeting notice (April 17th, 2016 at 1pm)

The 11th LD Caucus will be at the IAM District 751 Union Hall, 9135 – 15th Pl So, Seattle on April 17, 2016 at 1pm.

All delegates & alternates who were elected at the 11th LD Precinct Caucus on March 26th are eligible to participate. Proposed agenda is to elect the delegates & alternates to go forward to the Congressional level and State level. This will be the second step out of 4 steps in electing delegates & alternates to the Democratic Party National Convention in Philadelphia July 25-28, 2016.

If you are in one of the couple of Precincts in the 7th Congressional District, you’ll be caucusing at a different location in a neighboring Legislative District. If you live in Precinct Sea 11-1928, you’ll be caucusing with the 37th Legislative District at Cleveland High School (5511 – 15th Ave. S, Seattle, WA 98108)

Please go here for details: http://www.wa-democrats.org/page/legislative-district-and-county-convention-locations

Newsletter/donation signup

Email webmaster@11thlddems.org and I’ll get you set up.

2016 Democratic Presidential Caucus (March 26, 2016)

The Washington State Democratic Party will be holding its caucuses to choose its nominee on March 26th at 10 AM. It will be Washington Democrats’ opportunity to make their voices heard on who should be our next President.

Anyone who will be 18 by November 8, 2016 and affirms they are a Democrat on Caucus Day is eligible to participate.

The 11th Legislative District Democrats will be hosting 8 caucus sites for our voters to participate.  Voters must show up to the correct caucus site in order to participate.  If you’d like to vote, here’s what you need to do:

  1. Find your caucus site and pre-register: https://www.demcaucus.com/register.  The site will give you a registration form that you must print out and bring to your caucus site.  If you lose your form, you can always fill out a new one at the site.  This is your way of skipping the registration line.  We will not have printouts of your pre-registered forms on site.  Your caucus site and the address will be on the top of your registration form.
  2. Show up to your caucus site before the caucus is scheduled to begin.  9:30am is a good target time.  You must show up to the correct caucus site that you were given in step 1.  You will not be able to caucus at another site.
  3. Caucus! Your precinct will decide which Presidential candidate will get delegates from your group of neighbors.  You will also be picking those delegates that will go on to the Legislative District Caucus and the King County Convention.  Those delegates will eventually decide who goes to the Congressional District Caucuses, the State Convention, and the Democratic National Convention.
    Remember: these are all your neighbors and fellow democrats.  Be respectful, listen, converse, and have fun!
  4. If you can’t show up to the caucus because of religious reasons, military duty, a disability, or a conflicting work schedule, fill out a surrogate affadivit form and send it to the Washington State Democrats.
    Surrogate Affadavit formA copy of this form properly completed and signed must be sent either by mail, fax or as a scanned PDF to the State Democratic Party headquarters and must be received no later than Friday, March 18, 2016 at 5:00 P.M., this is so that the form may be forwarded to the proper local party organization prior to the Saturday, March 26, 2016 Precinct Caucuses.Properly completed and signed Surrogate Affidavit Forms must be sent to:
    Jaxon Ravens, Chair
    RE: Surrogate Affidavit Form
    Washington State Democratic
    Party PO Box 4027
    Seattle, WA 98194
    Fax: (206) 583-0301


Here are some additional resources:


Here is a list of the 11th Legislative District Democrats precinct caucus sites.  Remember, you must show up to the correct site! And, pre-register and bring your form to the site.  Your caucus site and its address will be on the top of your form.

  • Seattle: IAM District 751 Union Hall, 9135 15th PL, Seattle
  • Renton Highlands: Carpenters Hall, 231 Burnett Ave. N. Renton
  • Renton Highlands North: Hazen High School, 1101 Hoquiam Ave. NE, Renton
  • Benson-Cascade: Nelsen Middle School, 2403 Jones Rd. S., Renton
  • East Hill: Meeker Middle School, 12600 SE 192nd ST, Renton
  • Fairwood: Northwood Middle School, 17007 SE 184th St. Renton
  • Renton Highlands East: Maplewood Hights Elementary, 130 Jericho Ave NE, Renton

Presidential Precinct Caucus Simulation / Training

If you missed our last simulation / training event, the Washington State Democrats is having another caucus simulation / training event.

When: Saturday, 3/12/2016 at 9am

Where: IAM Hall, 9135 15th Pl S, Seattle, WA 98108

11th and 33rd Legislative Districts Joint Town Hall this Saturday


11th and 33rd Legislative Districts Joint Town Hall this Saturday

Who: Lawmakers from the 11th and 33rd Legislative District

What: Town Hall Meeting

When: Saturday, February 20, 2016 from 10:00 am to noon

Where: Aviation High School Boeing Presentation Center, 9229 E. Marginal Way S., Tukwila, WA.

Why: To give constituents an update on the legislative session and listen to their concerns and ideas.



Presidential Precinct Caucus Simulation update

FYI, we have cancelled the event on the 20th because of a joint district townhall.  We will reschedule that one when we have a date / time.  We will still be holding the event on the 27th.  Sorry about any inconvenience.

Presidential Precinct Caucus Simulation (Feb 27th)

The 11th LD Democrats are hosting a couple of caucus simulations for the precinct caucuses next month.  Show up to the following event to get an overview of how the Democratic Precinct Caucuses are going to go this year.

  • February 27, 2016, 9:30am: 231 Burnett Ave N, Renton WA

Interested in showing up?  Please RSVP with Rick Polintan (chair@11thlddems.org).

Please also consider donating to us and/or renewing your membership.  We could use the financial support to help run the caucuses!  You can donate online here: https://co.clickandpledge.com/sp/d1/default.aspx?wid=45071

Thank you!

Meeting Agenda 1/19/2016 7:00pm

231 Burnett Ave N, Renton WA at 7:00 pm on 1/19/2016
11th Legislative District Democrats

Membership Meeting

January 19, 2016 7:00pm




7:00pm         Call to order

7:01pm         Pledge of Allegiance

7:05pm         Approval of meeting agenda

7:07pm         Approval of November 17, 2015 meeting minutes

7:10pm         Discussion on SOTU

7:20pm         Appointment of Campaign point persons

7:25pm         Precinct Caucus Plans – March 26, 2016

8:00pm         11th LD Electeds reports

8:30pm         LAC report

8:35pm         KCDCC report

8:40pm         WSDCC report

8:45pm         Good of the order

9:00pm         Adjourn

11th LD Democrats Holiday Party (Dec 8th 2015)

11th jacks bbq 2015

Just a reminder: the 11th LD Democrats are having their holiday party at Jack’s BBQ (3924 Airport Way S, Seattle 98108) at 6:30pm on Tuesday, December 8th.  We hope to see you all there!

11th LD Democrats Endorsements – General Election 2015

On Tuesday, June 16th 2015, the 11th LD Democrats had their primary endorsements meeting.  Here are the endorsements we are proud to present (note, links to each candidate’s website is embedded in their name):


Event to support Lloyd Hara, King County Assessor (Oct 8, 2015)

You Are Invited To:
O’Asian Kitchen + Lounge
An event to support
King County Assessor Lloyd Hara
Thursday, October 8, 2015
5:00pm – 7:00pm
O’Asian is located at 800 Fifth Avenue, Seattle
(Between Marion and Columbia)
Free parking* under building after 4:30pm with restaurant validation
Enter parking on the Columbia Street side of the block
Contribute What You Can – Suggested Donation $100
Enjoy complimentary dim sum hors d’oeuvres
plus Happy Hour prices on drinks until 6!
Special thanks to our sponsors:
Senator Maralyn Chase  –  Ruth Woo – Senator Bob Hasegawa
Philip Sit – Karen Wong – Sandra Newton-Hinton –  Tre Maxie
32nd LD Chair Carin Chase, 46th LD Chair Phillip Duggan
RSVP for more information to: citizensforhara@comcast.net  or phone  206-726-8053
* Free parking for dinner (after 4:30pm) weekdays.  Parking ticket must be validated to receive the complimentary parking, so be sure to bring your parking ticket upstairs to the event!
 Labor and Printing Donated *
Paid for by Citizens for Hara
466 Smith St. Seattle, WA 98109

Campaign Material of Monique Taylor-Swan Inaccurate (We did not endorse her)


Contact: 425-246-4348
Contact Person: Rick Polintan
11th Legislative District Democrats
Email Address: chair@11thlddems.org


Campaign Material of Monique Taylor-Swan Inaccurate


Renton, Washington, July 17, 2015 – On July 15, 2015, the 11th Legislative District Democrats found a piece of campaign literature from the Monique Taylor-Swan for Renton City Council campaign that showed our organization endorsed her.  We did NOT endorse her.  The 11th Legislative District Democrats sole-endorsed Ryan McIrvin for Renton City Council Position 4.

The rest of our endorsements for 2015 can be found at: http://www.11thlddems.org/2015/06/11th-ld-democrats-endorsements-primary-2015/

We asked that Monique Taylor-Swan cease distribution of said campaign materials that states the 11th Legislative District Democrats endorsed her.