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Want to be a Delegate?

Now is the time for you to decide if you want to represent your community at the Democratic National Convention in Milwaukee this August.

LD Caucus & County Convention – Updated Convention Time

Saturday & Sunday 4/28-29/2012 The LD Caucus and the King County Convention are scheduled soon. There has been a bit of confusion over the start time for these events. King County Democrats and the State Democratic Party negotiated King County start times. The following times, 10am on Sat & 1pm on Sunday, are the most …

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2012 Delegate Selection Plan

Yesterday, the WSDCC passed the 2012 Caucus Plan. Here are the relevant information that everyone should know. Although we will possibly be in new districts in 2012, the plan will use the current districts. So, if you reside in the 1st CD today, but in the 10th in 2012, you will still caucus with the …

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