Medical Marijuana Bill is dead

As you may remember, our former-late KCDCC committeeman, Dennis Moyers (2009_06_June newsletter), was an advocate for medical marijuana.  He worked hard to try to make progress in this area.  It’s sad to see the way things have turned out…

From the Slog:

The sponsor of a second medical-marijuana bill, Sen Jeanne Kohl-Welles, throws in the towel (after years of work, collaboration with the right and left, enough community meetings to make a neighborhood activist hurl, Gregoire’s partial veto of a solid bill last month, a haystack of remaining incongruous laws that now ban medical-marijuana dispensaries as a result of that veto, an attempt to slam a new bill through in a 30 day session, and a stopwatch that counted down too soon), saying, “we cannot continue to ignore this issue—it simply will not solve itself.”

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