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Diane Ravitch on Charter Schools

Below is an introduction to why Democrats oppose charter schools. The attrition rate for KIPP, the “successful” franchise that is being pushed hard by Stand for Schools and the League of Education Voters, is 30% per year in grades 6, 7 and 8, with the rate for African American males being 40% per year. This …

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The demise of Social Security?

A note from Carol Anne Maiers, PCO 33rd LD– Ric Edelman, an investment adv. on 1090 AM this morning was raving with glee that this Father’s Day will be remembered as the demise of SS.  In addition 2 wks ago he stated that the younger generation will not need college educations, so don’t plan funds …

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Commitment to Better & Best: Washington’s Public Schools

Renton Community Foundation’s “Maxwell Fund for Youth & Families” invites you to: COMMITMENT TO BETTER & BEST: WASHINGTON’S PUBLIC SCHOOLS Presented by Bill Daggett, Ed.D, nationally recognized educator, speaker, and CEO of the International Center for Leadership in Education.  Dr. Daggett knows – our state’s education system, federal education mandates, current issues and trends – and he will share what all students …

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